Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bryson headed back to Illinos on Thursday

Well I didn't realize at the beginning of the summer, how fast it would go. Bryson and I have had so many fun adventures and amazing time this summer. Plus we've both loved that we could see each other everyday, after spending about the first 6 months of our relationship long distance :) It's really hard to see him go, and realize that I won't get to see him tomorrow or the day after that. But at the same time I'm so proud of all he's doing and he's almost done with school forever! He's starting up his last year of course work for his doctorate in Choral Conducting.

We finished packing him all up on Wednesday night and then had some time together, watching the olympics :) And yes there was crying...mostly from me :) Thursday morning he stopped by my house to say the final goodbye. We decided that he would stay for about a half hour and then he would need to be on his way cause there was about a 14 hour drive ahead of him. Well...he ended up staying about 40 mins :) Bryson asked me if I was going to cry and I told him that I probably wouldn't cry till after he left cause then that would mean that he was really gone. And....I was right, as soon as he turned the corner and turned to walk back to my apartment, the tears came.

It's interesting to me how much we get into routines, and used to certain things. The last couple days I've been experiencing that cause there are so many things that Bryson and I would do that now that he's gone, will change. Like not having dinner till at least 7:30 because he didn't get off work till 7. I sat there the day he left, hungry bout 6 but not even thinking I should grab something to eat cause Bryson wasn't off work yet :) But there's no whollowing allowed! There's so many things to do and although getting to not see each other is hard, we'll be ok. :) Then at Thanksgiving (unless I take a long weekend to go see him sooner...we both really like that idea :) ) we'll be together again! I love him so much and am so glad he's in my life. He is my best friend :)


Kaija said...

I'm loving all these posts! Best of luck establishing new routines!

Krystal Downs said...

Whitney i am so happy you're posting. Sorry about Bryson leaving but you guys seem in love so I know everything will work out.