Friday, August 22, 2008

Oregon Wedding

Last weekend Bryson and I, along with our good friend (and Best Man) Josh drove to Oregon for Jake and Amy's wedding! Amy and I went to high school and college together! She is my dearest friend and I'm so excited for her! Jake is also a good friend of mine and I'm so happy they found each other. :) So we got to my house in Corvallis Wednesday night. Thursday we did errands and I got my hair me it needed it! Thursday night my brother, sis in law and niece came over for a family dinner and it was so much fun!! Then friday was when the fun began! We were supposed to go to the coast, but Jake and Amy needed help setting up the how could we refuse? We helped, had some pizza and then relaxed a bit and watched the Olympics. The happy couple came over that night with a few requests of music playlist making and guest book obtaining and then it was off to bed so we could all get good sleep for the busy day ahead.

Saturday!!! The wedding!! Bryson, Josh and I got all dolled up and headed up to Portland to the temple. The Portland Temple is so beautiful and peaceful! It's one of the best sights to come around the corner and see these beautiful white marble spires among dark green evergreens! During the sealing me and another of the bridesmaids, Beth watched Jake's three little neices who were the flower girls. They are so cute! Sam my little brother stopped by the temple to say hi because he wasn't able to come down to Corvallis. It was so wonderful to see him! I love my family so much and living in Utah I don't get to see them as much, so this trip was great cause I got to see all of them!

Jake and Amy were both radiant when they came out. I'm so so excited for both of them! I couldn't ask for a better guy for my siamese twin :) Pictures were extra fun cause we were all in black and it was in the 90's that day! Bryson and I didn't end up going to the luncheon afterwards cause we had a mission to complete! We had to get a guest book...which in fact was two pictures set in two frames that people could sign as they walked in. It was a pretty neat idea and they both turned out really well! Bryson and I actually found them so fast that we had tons of time to go pick blackberries to take back to him mom! It was hot but fun and we picked a gallon and a half! Pretty good for an hours work eh? :) Well I don't have any pictures of the reception but it was beautiful. We took pictures, chatted ate food and had a good time. When they cute the cake, Jake and Amy were going to be nice but with a little prodding from Bryson and I..and others Amy smashed a little cake in Jake's face. It was great!! The decoration I must say was pretty great! Thanks to Bryson, me, Josh, Nicki, Beth and Ashley. Overall it was a long, slightly stressful, but overall great day :) Sunday morning we headed back to Utah. It was a long day and a long trip, but we all had fun :) Here's some pictures from the wedding. Enjoy!

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