Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beauty in wood and brick

Down the street from where I live is a wonderful old brick building. I don't know much about it, but there are lovely carvings above both the wooden door and windows. Plus, the door sits about two feet off the ground so there must have been wooden stairs at one point. I think it's really interesting and yesterday decided to have a photo shoot. It's a pretty busy place as well. I've seen couples taking engagement pictures in front of it, a mother stopping with her daughter on their way to school to take a picture, and just today a family was positioning themselves in front of the door for a family photo. Some might look at this building and think it should be taken down, but I look and see history, character and beauty. And just because you can't go inside doesn't mean you can't find a use for it. :)

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Kaija said...

Beautiful photos -- and I LOVE your new background! I can totally see why families would want to take photos here!