Tuesday, December 2, 2008

November trip to the Ocean!

One of the sea lions' favorite places to hang out :)

Looking from Old Newport out to the Newport bridge and the Pacific Ocean

The boardwalk in Old Newport

Newport Harbor

Seagull prints

Bryson and I at the beach!

Bryson sneaking up on the seagulls :)

This is a log that Bryson and I found. It's been bleached white by the sun and rubbed smooth by the ocean.

I have no idea who those people were, but it made a great picture :)

The seagulls after Bryson scared them :)

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

I love the beach! It is beautiful, calming and fun too! Now I must clarify that Oregon's beaches are not really warm. In fact, if you put you're feet in the water you'll probably go numb after a while. :) It's more of a coast, but I love it! Last monday Bryson and I drove over to the coast. We had so much fun! At the beach Bryson scared the seagulls while I took tons of pictures. Afterwards we went down to Old Newport (which sits right on the water at the mouth of the harbor) where we had fresh fish and chips (my first time, and I liked them!), watched the barking sea lions and wandered through the wonderful shops and galleries. Bryson also got me a beautiful neckless from one of the shops for our anniversary! He is so wonderful and I love him! It was such a great and beautiful November day :)

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Kaija said...

What a big beautiful family you have! And your photos are really nice -- I love the one of Bryson sneaking up on the seagulls and the gorgeous one of all the seagulls against the waves! Nice work!