Sunday, March 15, 2009


My little brother Sam came to visit me for the weekend. He was going to come a couple weeks ago for our birthdays (mine is on the 26th of February, and his is on the 27th of February) but he got the flu. He came on Wednesday afternoon and we had a great weekend! We shopped, Sam went snowboarding for a couple days, and hurt his shoulder, he got to hang out with his good friend Erika, I went to a wonderful choir concert and it was my stake's stake conference. We had a reorganization of our stake presidency and had the wonderful opportunity to have Elder Bednar attend. It was wonderful to hear from one of the Lord's apostles on this earth. :)

After a wonderful late lunch of homemade baked macaroni and cheese (so good!) I drove Sam to the airport. I'm sad that he had to go, cause we had a great time together, but I get to see him in a week when Bryson and I head off to Oregon!

Both Sam and I forgot about our camera's till Sunday, so here's some of the pictures I took of both Sam and Erika :) Oh and my looked really cool sitting on the chair and I couldn't resist! :)

Sam taking a picture of me taking a picture of Sam :) Sam and Erika

My purse! Seeing it in black and white shows me that use my lint brush on it! But doesn't it look cool? :)


Craig said...

It must have been wonderful because of all the wonderful's you used in describing how wonderful it was! Love Ya ;-) Dad

Sterling and Rachael said...

Okay, are you guys driving? We need to give you a present for your grandparents. Let me know if you can take it with you. You would be a life saver!

Kaija said...

cute bro! have a great time with Bryson in oregon!!!