Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Met!

Since New York is such a big city and there is so much to do, Bryson and I decided that we would stick to the activities within walking distance to where we were staying. We were both so excited when those activities included the Metropolitan Museum of Art! We both really wanted to go and although it was a long walk, it was worth every step!

The museum was amazing! I was doing a little reading on the Met on Wikipedia, which says that the Met has a permanent collection of over 2 million pieces! Bryson and I were probably there for at least 3 hours and we didn't come close to seeing everything. Here are some of the pictures of my favorite pieces. I wish I lived close by so I could go again and see everything we couldn't see the first time. It was a wonderful day!

Walking to the museum. Central Park is on the left.

We're there!

Louise Comfort Tiffany's Autumn Landscape.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir's In the Meadow (Picking Flowers)

Concord by Barnett Newman. The color in the picture isn't the best (it's more of a soft robin's egg blue with the stripes being a sandy color), but this was one of me and Bryson's favorites.

The Temple of Dendur was given to the United States when rising waters on the Nile threatened to put the temple under water. It is so beautiful!

Detail of reliefs on the outer temple walls.

A view of the temple from the front.


Bryson Mortensen said...

Don't tell anyone that the picture of the outside of the Met was taken as we were leaving, not as we arrived. They'll never know :)

Christy & Chris Cole said...

It all looks so beautiful! You are very lucky to have gone! lov ya sis