Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thanksgiving and Our First Christmas Tree!

We had such a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving day we went down to Bryson's mom's house and where we had a great day of cooking and eating with Bryson's cousin and her husband and two little kids. The week before Bryson and I decided to have our own Thanksgiving meal ready, because we didn't know if we'd get together with the family on Thursday, due to scheduling conflicts. But since it worked out for all of us to get together, Bryson and I cooked our Thanksgiving meal on Friday. We decided to do Cornish game hens because it was just the two of us, paired with a cornbread stuffing. They were joined by mashed potatoes and gravy, a green bean gratin, and sweet potato balls. We cooked most of the morning, and everything turned out so well! Our first Thanksgiving meal by ourselves was a success!

Later that day we ventured out, searching for a Christmas tree. There was a little lot down the street a ways, and when as we walked in there was a beautiful Noble sitting there, waiting for us to take it home. I knew that was the tree I wanted (I learned the art of picking a tree from my mom who is an expert. Her trees are always so beautiful!) but Bryson and I looked around just to make sure. After searching the rest of the lot we came back to our tree and bought it. Now came the "how do we get the tree home" part of our story. It wouldn't fit in our back seat or in the trunk. But then a lady, who we'd chatted with while we were both getting our trees, came over and offered to take our tree to our house. She had a huge van with plenty of room for both her tree and ours. When she found where we lived, she told us she lived just down the street a couple of blocks, so it would be no problem to deliver our tree. But as she went to pay for her tree she realized that she had no checks left. She laughed and came over and asked if we'd pay for the tree, then we'd go to her house where she could get more checks and pay us back. We were happy to pay for the tree and then follow her to her house where she paid us back and then dropped off our tree at our house. We were so grateful for her willingness to help us out and in turn we were grateful to help her as well. The rest of the night was spent decorating our first Christmas tree with our newly bought ornaments. It was such a fun and enjoyable day, one filled with joy and kindness.

Our Two little Cornish game hens, all ready to be stuffed and cooked.

Bryson stuffing the hens with cornbread stuffing.

So many dishes to clean! But the meal was worth it!

Don't they look just delicious?!

A feast fit for a king!

We decorated the tree with blue and silver starbursts and icicles, and snowflakes.
All the ornaments were covered in sparkles, so by the end of decorating we too were covered in sparkles.

The tree turned out so well!


Kaija said...

what fun to begin your own traditions! i would love you to post some of the photos you took in Idaho when you get a chance :)

Aubrey said...

Pretty pictures! We still haven't gotten our own tree, and this is our second Christmas together. :(