Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas Vacation!

Hello! Happy New Year! It's been a busy, fun filled, wonderful last few weeks! Here's a recap of my wonderful holiday season! I know many of you have already heard but Bryson and I are engaged! Bryson did an amazing job of telling the whole story, plus the "12 days of Whitney" are posted on his blog so you can read the entire story at I had no idea he was going to propose! As I turned around to tell him the blog had finally posted and he was on one knee, I was so confused! I thought to myself, did he drop something? It wasn't till he said to look at the rest of the blog and I saw the ring that I realized what was happening. It was amazing! I was in a state of shock and happiness! I mean he had asked the week before if I could get the diamond from my parents when I went home for Christmas! So I had no idea he had the ring with him! It was so wonderful and I love him so much!! We're getting married August 21st in Portland Oregon! I am so lucky!

The rest of the holiday was great! I went home for Christmas and had a great time with my family. Plus the weather was crazy! There was snow, ice and cold everywhere, although once I got to Corvallis all the crazy weather stayed north of us. But we still had a wonderful relaxing time!
The day after Christmas I flew back Utah. My flight was supposed to come in around 8:30pm but it didn't come into Portland till 9:20pm! And of course I got to the airport early, so I ended up staying in the airport from about 3pm till the plane left at 10:30pm! Needless to say it was a LONG day, and to add to the fun, Bryson and his family got snowed in at his sister's house in Idaho! But they were able to make it through the next day, and we had a wonderful time at Dusty and Rachel's ( Bryson's brother and sister in law), being together and eating tamales! I got to meet Kaija for the first time, which was SO wonderful! Kirk and Kaija stayed in Utah till New Years Eve so we had a great time being together and getting to know each other!

For New Years we went up to the big celebration in Salt Lake called First Night. We met up with our friends Josh and Rosie, and had a great time! We ice skated, watched shows and listened to some great music! And of course I froze! But it was so much fun and I was so happy to be able to ring in the new year with Bryson!

For the rest of Bryson's vacation, we worked, played, registered (boy were we tired after that!), and had a wonderful time being together and being with family and friends! Bryson headed back to Illinois on Friday the 16th. :( I was really sad and didn't want him to go, but we were both excited that he was starting his LAST semester of school ever! And although the wedding is not till August, there is so much to do! Allons-y!!
All the black and white pictures of Bryson and I were taken by our good friend Ben Boster. These aren't the engagement pictures, but we really wanted some nice pictures of the two of us, that didn't involve Bryson or I holding the camera (and only being able to see half of one of our faces :) ) and he was wonderful to take them! Didn't he do a wonderful job?! Thanks Ben!

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Randy and Ally said...

Cute pics . . . I love seeing you so happy. Where are y'all going to live after the wedding? You should come hang out sometime . . . we have a cute baby to play with . . .