Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Across the street from my apartment is a little dairy. During the summer when I drove to work in the morning I would be greeted by all the dairy cows as they had their breakfast of grass. They were so cute! Now because it's winter I don't see them very often. They tend to stay close to the warm barn. But as I got home from work last week and walked to my apartment, I caught the faint smell of cows on the breeze and it smelled good! I know what you're thinking...cows don't smell good...they're cows! But it has always been one of my favorite smells because it reminds me of the summer while I was growing up. The stake center in Corvallis is on the outskirts of town, right across the street from the OSU Dairy Farm. So whenever there's an activity at the Stake Center, you might also smell the cows if the wind is blowing in the right direction. You can smell the cows all year but I always associate it with late summer afternoons:)

The next couple of days I started thinking about all my favorite smells and started making a list. Because I love photography, I'm also going to take pictures of my some of my favorite smells and add them to the list :) I hope you enjoy!

Bryson (I don't know what he wears but he always smells so good!)

Fresh cut grass in Spring

The smell of my skin when I've been in the sun

Laundry right out of the dryer




The pavement as it starts to rain

New Shoes

The Ocean


My favorite perfume (Velvet Tuberose from Bath and Body Works!)

Newborn babies (my niece Olivia and my Dad)


Fall leavesThe smell of a BBQ in the air

Paper fresh out of the copier


Sourdough Bread

Fir Trees

Fresh air

Pink flowered trees in Oregon

Beeswax candles

Camp fires

Mint fields


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Kirst said...

Hey Girl! Love this post! I love the smell of cows also. I like the small dairies, most of the big dairies in Idaho STINK! There is nothing pleasant about them. But I'm with you, cows eating their share, brings back many wonderful memories.