Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tour of the City

When we came to New York, we decided we wanted to see Central Park, The Met and the Natural History Museum, so when we got to Thursday having seen all of those, we decided to just walk around the city and explore. It was so amazing to me to finally see all the places that I had heard about and seen on TV or in movies! Some of the places we saw were Broadway, Times Square, Rockefeller Plaza, 5th Avenue, and the NBC Studios. We also had a wonderful time walking through F. A. O. Schwartz! We ended our day with seeing Mary Poppins, which was amazing! If you're ever in New York, go and see Mary Poppins; you'll love it!

The next day found us saying goodbye to New York and flying home. Of course no trip would be complete without a fun delay, and that's just what happened to us in Houston. Our plane was delayed a couple hours because of a huge Thunder and Lightning storm. It was pretty amazing to watch although by 8 at night we were wishing to be home, but we made it home safe and sound.

Here are some photos of our lovely walking tour of New York. Enjoy!

Times Square! If you look above the red "H", you will see 2009 in lights. That's where they drop the ball on New Year's Eve!

The Chrysler Building

Radio City Music Hall!

Don't you fee like you're looking at a picture out of the 50's?

A beautiful Cathedral on 5th Avenue

The rose window and organ of the cathedral. So beautiful!

The famous 5th Avenue!

The street we stayed on!

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